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Food Review: Backcountry Pantry Shepard’s Pie

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Food, the amount and weight of, has been a constant source of meditation for me when I decide to tackle the trail. Even though I envision my backcountry trips to be full of awe and wonderment during the planning stages, in reality, the food that you bring has a pretty big impact on the experience. I’ve broken my back carrying too much food, and sat in the backwoods, looking at a ridiculous assortment of spices and grains for too long not to consider what prepared backwoods meals that might be available out there. Join me as I buy and taste what offerings I find during my search…

Backcountry Pantry: Shepard’s Pie


Aluminum, “prepare in bag”.

Backcountry Pantry Shepard’s Pie


Add boiling water while stirring food. Seal bag and let sit for 13 minutes.

Backcountry Pantry Shepard’s Pie, inside package view.


Salty with a tang that hit the sides of the tongue throughout. A bit of a potato soup by our standards, if following the recipe for exact water measurements. The first few bites after a long day in the middle of nowhere may be rewarding, but finishing it may be a chore. Lots of powdered spices that aren’t well balanced  beyond, “salty”.

Full disclosure: I can’t find any love for instant potatoes. This product didn’t bring me around.


Two people.


Backwoods: Thumbs down. Too expensive for food that can easily be prepared at home for less $$.

RV/ car camping: Skip it.


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December 26, 2012 at 11:58 am

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