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One week, Four parks. Gaspe to New Brunswick. July 2011 Pt. 1/5 (Le Bic Nat’l Park)

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Monday July 4th, 2011 (Toronto -> Le Bic)

4:30 am. The car is already packed and we hit the highway for the long drive that takes you through Ontario and Quebec. Our first park is Le Bic. The nearest town is Bic. The closest town that you’ve heard of before is Rimouski. We arrived in the park by 3:00pm. Jill & I were only going to spend the one evening in Le Bic, in favour of getting to the park that we really wanted to get to, Forillon. That said, we wanted to get to Le Bic early enough to see what we would be missing. The park itself is very beautiful, as is the town of Bic. One thing that we regularly caught ourselves saying out loud was, “Well done Quebec!” The people of Quebec really take pride in their property and facilities and it shows. Take the rest stops along the Trans-Canada for instance. These small stops are perfect for the long drive and have nothing to do with selling you corporate crappy fast food. It’s about picnics, resting and relief. I sure wish we had those in Ontario…

If I had the chance to return to Le Bic (and I would), there would be plenty of trails to explore, on foot or bike, but I think that I’d be most tempted to kayak. It’s on a pretty magnificent stretch of the St. Lawrence Estuary. We took about two hours to check out some of the lookouts before heading back to the campsite for dinner.

Dinner @ Le Bic: Israeli couscous w/mushrooms.

What I liked about Le Bic:

  • Well maintained trails, great views
  • Great bathroom facilities, very clean. Laundry as well.

What I didn’t like as much:

  • Small campsites that are very close together (we stayed at #82)
  • Busy, busy, busy

One other thing that should be noted about Le Bic “National” Park; it’s not run by Parks Canada. Turns out, every park in Quebec is called a “national park”. Le Bic is run by Sepaq. This probably explains a lot about the attention to detail that we witnessed throughout the park. Not that Parks Canada does a bad job, it’s just that Le Bic was the swankiest of all of the parks that we visited on this trip.

But this was just Day One. We had no idea what the other parks were going to look like. We were ready to settle for half as nice if we saw half as many people. All the same, it’s great to see people enjoying the great outdoors!

Part Two: Forillon


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August 25, 2011 at 7:48 pm

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